To return

To returnBut this condition of the person who has got to a trap of deficiency of energy.

Actually, when your power supply corresponds to our possibilities and we creatively act, the past helps us to survive, stand no more.

To return to itself, it is necessary to return to the present first of all.

And to find in itself courage having saved up in itself energy to an optimum level, to glance in the future.

But it already other subject, also we will not run forward.

Precisely also in with memory.

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Well, spread

Well, spread Well, adhered a sheet to a chandelier and there is no place more, it is a sail.

Well, spread on a floor a smart cloth and where still to take the deck for the ship.

Well, pans and serving spoons under a table, and a chair on a table removed as captain's bridge.

It everything from passion, from desire to play.

Yes unless it for harm But I was tired to persuade, convince them why it it it is impossible to do.

And so, suffered was angrysuffered, and then broke.

Flew and as I will cry Everythin smart guys, will suffice!I too so want! Got on a table, sat down in da's chair as I will shout I am a captain! Listen to my team! Children were taken aback.

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In the same

In the sameReading the words containing a similar part Read the words which have been written down in the first line.

Think and answer, than the first word is similar to the second, and than differs; than the second is similar to the third and than differs.

In the same way find similarity and distinction between words in each of the following lines compare the first word with the second, the second with the third, and the third with the fourth if it is.


Estimate the work.

Draw mood.

The note for parents the tsaniye learns to analyze words, similarity and distinctions in alphabetic structure, develops attention of the child.

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And violent

And violent Thereof, having become adults, we as soon as we will hear the word anger, imagine the person who fights, thrown by things or something breaks.

Truth that the anger can be worried, without having made uniform movement.

And violent acts can and not to be feeling expression more likely they reflect resistance to this feeling.

Usually we resist to feeling of anger because we fear its intensity or we are afraid to do much harm to somebody.

I went on one of these classes in anger and a rage.

They are led in soundproof rooms where you can shout as much as necessary and nobody will hear you.

I entered there with the head, laid down on a mat and shouted, did not become hoarse yet.

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In words

In words We immediately satisfy requirements and requirements of the patients, whatever trifling they to us seemed she spoke.

In words of the associate director of the center Zhenroz Alfano is obviously traced the statement that under the influence of a stress of people is rejected on infantile emotional level Many people fall ill only because cannot cope with life experiences.

But when they learn to get out of the problems independently, they already have to be ill.

Certainly, before achin the majority of patients one way or another tried to consult independently with the difficulties but when it became clear that it already for them too, to it support from outside was required.

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